Prof. Dr. K. Ponmudi

K. Ponmudi (Deivasigamani) was born on 19.08.1950 in a village called Edayar in Villuppuram District for M.Kandasamy & Maragadhammal, he is the first born son to their parents. In 1950 after watching the ‘Ponmudi’ movie his maternal uncle Ramanathan called him as Ponmudi. K. Ponmudi is from a agricultural family. K. Ponmudi started his education in Kandachipuram elementary school, K. Ponmudi got double promoted from 4th grade to 6th grade for his excellence in studies. In 6th grade his age was 8, then he... Read more

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K. Ponmudi in DMK

K. Ponmudi

Prof. Dr. K. Ponmudi

He had a strong relationship with Dravidar Kazhagam Gen Sec K.Veeramani. K.Ponmud was inspired by many peoples through his speech. When his family opposed he has participated in Dravidar Kazhagam Conference happened in Chennai. After this conference K.Ponmudi delivered his speech about Dravida Movements, about Periyar and Arignar Anna throughout Tamilnadu. He has participated in Anti-Hindi meeting in 1963 at Chennai Marina Beach. In Puducherry and Cudalore K.Ponmudi has strived hard for DMK’s victory in the year 1967.

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